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Available fields : objtime, depth_min, depth_max, %area, angle, area, area_exc, bx, by, cdexc, centroids, circ., circex, compentropy, compm1, compm2, compm3, compmean, compslope, convarea, convperim, cv, elongation, esd, fcons, feret, feretareaexc, fractal, height, histcum1, histcum2, histcum3, intden, kurt, lat_end, lon_end, major, max, mean, meanpos, median, min, minor, mode, nb1, nb2, nb3, perim., perimareaexc, perimferet, perimmajor, range, skelarea, skew, slope, sr, stddev, symetrieh, symetriehc, symetriev, symetrievc, tag, thickr, width, x, xm, xmg5, xstart, y, ym, ymg5, ystart,
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